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We are building an app that allows you to analyse and understand your online privacy needs with the goal to assist you in adjusting your privacy settings in social media apps. The App can capture your online persona and determine how much of your data is out there. You can take part in psychometric testing and contribute to real research on social media, online personalities, and data exhaust.

Become part of a growing global community of experts and like minded people with the mission to understand and shape the future of online privacy. State your interest here and receive information on how to engage, event updates and ongoing developments.

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Researchers at the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin have teamed up with expert groups, Galleries (such as the Science Gallery Dublin) and Startups (such as AYLIEN, experts in Text and Sentiment Analysis), to start the BigFoot Initiative. The initiative brings together experts and likeminded through events, experiments and an online app with the goal to engage and empower anyone and everyone with an interest in Online Privacy.